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At the heart of the Great Tsavo Region, gently lies the magnificent, serene, unique and compelling resort that is arguably the gate into Taita Taveta County and the ideal get-away off voi town.

About Us

Fast approaching a decade, Vacani (which means small & beautiful) has established itself as a leading go-to resort in Voi, along the Mombasa-Nairobi Highway,  within the Tsavo Region and the larger coast Province in Kenya.

It continues to live up to the ideals of the founders, significantly endearing itself as a top preference for travelers, revelers & explorers alike, given the amenity diversity.

Enjoy it all...

Beyond Food & Accommodation get sorted in these quarters too.

Conference Halls

Explore various options of our modern meeting halls with a simultaneous capacity of over 400 Pax.

Swimming Pool

Have refreshing & enriching afternoons, take a dive and cool down basking the Savannah Sun.

Events Garden

Expansive, lush & serene, ...that's all you need for your next social function(s) and big days.

Vacani bar

Chill solo or as a crew at our modest bar offering a variety of local and exotic drinks, beverages & liquor.

Kid's Corner

Don't leave the kid's out. Explore our mini-Disney with a range of games , electronic & physical.

Misuli Gym

Work out those muscles, sweat that fat plus, stay fit, stay in shape at our well equipped Misuli Gym

Vacani travel

Take advantage of our proximity to the Great Tsavo National parks and interact with nature in it's rawest form.

Angolo Lounge

Meaning 'Love', The best nights are made right here,... Yes you heard that right. Your ultimate party spot.

Why Always Us


The facility & professionalism screams class to say the least.

Cost Effective

Yap! We offer prestige that's pretty affordable. Shy not from spending with us.


Access us easily, & shift from one amenity to the other, LIKE A BOSS!


Say no more...That's our ultimate goal. Be so as it may, look no further.

Welcome home!